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September 9, 2009

I’m about to get my granny on….



Eat. Sleep. Ripple.

March 19, 2009


Yeah, it’s icanhascheezburger in the background.  I’m one of those.

But look!  Look how big it is!


My cat is also enjoying the process and I am enjoying crocheting with saliva soaked yarn.


So… helpful…

Mmm…. ripply…

March 17, 2009

So I am moving into a new house (meaning, not my parents house anymore THANK GOD) and I am full into “I’m poor, but I need to nest!” mode.  So while I’m horrified at the thought of having to pack up all of my craft supplies (They have taken over my closet.  And my floor.  And my car.  And my chair.), I am also an idiot and have decided to start a new project, complete with a new bag of yarn.  YAY!  Who needs food and shelter when you can have bags full of half-started crochet projects?

I was particularly inspired by this flickr pool : Hexagon Love

Which lead me to create this one hexagon.


Which took forever.  And when I read that I would need over 150 of these little bitches, I decided to move on.  I guess I now have a coaster.

So then I found this blog:  No-End-in-Sight Ripple-Along and then this Flickr Pool, and I decided to go for it.

So here I have the very beginning of what will probably turn out to be a scarf but what I’m hoping will be a cozy throw for my……  NEW HOUSE YAY!


My cat enthusiastically approves.


So here we go.  If I don’t blog ever again it’s because my fingers fell off whilst making a ripply blanket.

Love Glove Love…

January 18, 2009

Last night my good friend Sebastian fumbled around in his man purse for his money (having had his wallet stolen from him while passed out in a roofie induced stupor on the train).  As he placed the contents of his bag on the table in the bar, strewn about with his money and receipts was his abundance of condoms.  As an attractive gay man, one can never be too prepared.

But it was just so unseemly for such a well-mannered young man.  When I got home, I knew what I had to do.

And here it is.  A custom made, hand embroidered, one of a kind condom pouch.

It’s fleece, for his pleasure.


So there is a little schmutz on the front there inside the embroidered heart, but that is just a little scrap of the inside fabric.  I’m too lazy to take more pictures.

And here is the inside:



For all of you not familiar with the phrase “Oh haay!”, just picture a sassy drag queen’s reaction to the punchline of your latest anecdote of sexual conquest.  Haay girl! *snap*

I didn’t have any supplies for making any kind of closure, so I figure he can just load the pouch up and tuck in the flap.

There you go.  My lastest project.

Yellow Knight Rules!!!

January 12, 2009

So, predictably, I’m starting on something peacock feathery.

I lost my disappearing ink pen so I’m going it freestyle, yo.



I just bought some vintage patterns on ebay that I’m extra excited to get, as well as the Sublime Stitching book.

So I guess the craft of the week will be embroidery, eh?

On a side note, Disneyland was awesome, but even more awesome was Medieval Times, an unparalleled dining experience.  Where else can you cuss out a guy on a horse fo wearing the wrong color and eat half a chicken with your bare hands?