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Pictures have arrived…

July 3, 2009

Here are the pictures of the tea towels.

I drew out the designs myself (and used some Sublime Stitching letters for inspiration).

I was going for “Wedding-y but not saccharine”.


It is so satisfying when you rinse the blue ink away….


Any tips for improving my satin stitch?  I feel as though mine always looks messy and rinky-dink…


Love Glove Love…

January 18, 2009

Last night my good friend Sebastian fumbled around in his man purse for his money (having had his wallet stolen from him while passed out in a roofie induced stupor on the train).  As he placed the contents of his bag on the table in the bar, strewn about with his money and receipts was his abundance of condoms.  As an attractive gay man, one can never be too prepared.

But it was just so unseemly for such a well-mannered young man.  When I got home, I knew what I had to do.

And here it is.  A custom made, hand embroidered, one of a kind condom pouch.

It’s fleece, for his pleasure.


So there is a little schmutz on the front there inside the embroidered heart, but that is just a little scrap of the inside fabric.  I’m too lazy to take more pictures.

And here is the inside:



For all of you not familiar with the phrase “Oh haay!”, just picture a sassy drag queen’s reaction to the punchline of your latest anecdote of sexual conquest.  Haay girl! *snap*

I didn’t have any supplies for making any kind of closure, so I figure he can just load the pouch up and tuck in the flap.

There you go.  My lastest project.

Yellow Knight Rules!!!

January 12, 2009

So, predictably, I’m starting on something peacock feathery.

I lost my disappearing ink pen so I’m going it freestyle, yo.



I just bought some vintage patterns on ebay that I’m extra excited to get, as well as the Sublime Stitching book.

So I guess the craft of the week will be embroidery, eh?

On a side note, Disneyland was awesome, but even more awesome was Medieval Times, an unparalleled dining experience.  Where else can you cuss out a guy on a horse fo wearing the wrong color and eat half a chicken with your bare hands?



Stitchy stitchy…

January 7, 2009

My newest obsession (which I’m sure will last about another week, as it seems I can only sustain a hobby for about 2 weeks at a time) is hand embroidery.

I guess I first learned how to stitch when I was a kid from my friend’s mom.  She was this awesome June Cleaver-style mom who made all kinds of crafts and sewed clothes for her kids.  And me.  Well, I got one T-Shirt dress that was splatter painted with neon pink and blue.  And let me tell you, I wanted that dress so badly.  And once I got it, I WORKED. IT.

No round little girl worked neon like I worked neon.

So I vaguely remember her teaching us the easy stitches, and I vaguely remember not really ever figuring out anything but a running stitch.  But look at me now.

In case you all don’t know, you can basically learn anything online, and I learned pretty much every stitch I used on these web sites (and the fact that I just taught myself the other day online is why my pieces look pretty messy. Meh, oh well)  :          <–and various forums associated with Sublime Stitching

All of these are awesome resources for know how and inspiration of what embroidery can be.  Meaning; it can be more than those daily chore kitten tea towels your mom had.  Not that those aren’t actually adorable.

They are.

At least my Mom’s are.

So here’s what I’m working on:

These are both tea towels I’m making as a hostess gift for a friend’s friend who is letting us crash at her house when we go to Disneyland (leavingtomorrowYAY!)

Side note: Disneyland makes me so excited it’s all I can do to keep myself from peeing.

Here’s a cupcake towel…



and a towel about pie…




And can I ask all you out there how do you keep the back of the tea towel from looking like the embroidery floss aisle vomited on your work?  Am I the only who doesn’t know how to plan ahead well enough?  Is there some secret trick?  Do they all look like this?



I mean, that looks like the evil demon soul of the cupcake and pie.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

I ain’t a punk b*tch, I don’t give a f*ck…

January 7, 2009

Wait…  What?

Sometimes the hip hop just gets in my soul, you know?

Welcome.  Welcome to my…ugh… Blog.  I hate that.  I resisted the whole blog thing for so long, telling myself that blogs are just a place for angry teenagers to whine on the internets that their parents totally suck and post pictures of the new way they flat-ironed their greasy hair today.


Here I am.

I am going to come out and say it right now for the whole world (you know, the whole 3 people that I know who will read this blog) that I am officially addicted to reading crafty, foody, green, artsy, handmade, yarny, homemaker-y, pretty pretty blogs with lots of pictures of cupcakes and felt and ipod cozies and crocheted beanies and homemade soap and oh God it feels so GOOD to get that off my chest.

I love them.  And you should love them too, go visit them.  They’re listed over there.

So why start my own? Eh, mostly because I have a lot of craftiness that no one around me can fully appreciate.  Not that they don’t appreciate me, or that I think I’m something so incredible that the average man cannot begin to wrap his brain around my awesomeness and thus cannot appreciate my art.   What I mean is that aside from a small smattering of friends (that live hundreds of miles away),  no one in my general vicinity can fully understand what it means to get your ribbon basket untangled and arranged in rainbow order, or how good it feels to gently peel a brand new set of clear acrylic stamps off their plastic backing, or how a hat that took $20 worth of yarn and 6 hours of hand cramping repetition just feels better than the one you bought at Target for $4.50.

So here goes.  I am creating this blog to have a place to toss up pictures of my current projects so that you all may comment on them, tell me that they are pretty and tell me what I could do to make them better.

And I totally promise that if you have a similar blog, I will visit and do the same for you.

But mostly, I promise that I ain’t a punk bitch.