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Oh Christmas.

November 17, 2009

Oh Christmas, you stir things in me.


Things that make me act in very foolish ways.



Oh that’s right, after finishing a total of 8 squares of a different granny square afghan, I decided to go ahead and buy NEW yarn and start a NEW granny square afghan.



I figured since I was so good about crocheting the 8 previous squares in about 3 months, the 110 squares required for this Christmas afghan would just FLY off my hook.


But it’s just so CHRISTMAS-Y!!!!!




September 9, 2009

I’m about to get my granny on….


Has this happened to you?

September 8, 2009

My lovely crafty friend Ailis sent me the BEST package I have ever gotten in the mail.  It was a brown paper package tied up with string, Julie Andrews-style.

So I open it up and there is the cutest little cat toy ever inside, crocheted and stuffed with catnip.

I decided that I HAD to make one for her cat, so I searched and searched for juuuust the right pattern to use.  I wanted something cute, sea related (because she sent me a fish shaped toy…I wanted to go with the same theme), with fun danglies.   Jellyfish it is.


Unfortunately, somebody else took a liking to the jellyfish, and before I knew it, it was covered in slobber with half of its face ripped off.



I even put in my purse to keep it safe, but the cats quickly developed opposable thumbs, unzipped my bag, took out the jellyfish, snatched my car keys and 20 bucks and went joyriding through town.

The catnip makes them do very bad things.


March 27, 2009


Those are the shorn buttocks of my poor pathetic cat.

While normally quite fuzzy and adorable…


…he now looks like a tiny grey lion and I swear I can hear the other cats giggling.

Just so this post stays on topic, here are the beginnings of a pillow I’m making:


Also, my ripple is coming along, just 800,000 stitches to go.


And here is a card I am particularly proud of:


I hand cut all the pieces.  The paper is Basic Grey, cut from the front cover of one of their stacks.  See?  I’m thrifty.


Dahahaha!!!  Look at that ridiculous haircut!

Eat. Sleep. Ripple.

March 19, 2009


Yeah, it’s icanhascheezburger in the background.  I’m one of those.

But look!  Look how big it is!


My cat is also enjoying the process and I am enjoying crocheting with saliva soaked yarn.


So… helpful…

Mmm…. ripply…

March 17, 2009

So I am moving into a new house (meaning, not my parents house anymore THANK GOD) and I am full into “I’m poor, but I need to nest!” mode.  So while I’m horrified at the thought of having to pack up all of my craft supplies (They have taken over my closet.  And my floor.  And my car.  And my chair.), I am also an idiot and have decided to start a new project, complete with a new bag of yarn.  YAY!  Who needs food and shelter when you can have bags full of half-started crochet projects?

I was particularly inspired by this flickr pool : Hexagon Love

Which lead me to create this one hexagon.


Which took forever.  And when I read that I would need over 150 of these little bitches, I decided to move on.  I guess I now have a coaster.

So then I found this blog:  No-End-in-Sight Ripple-Along and then this Flickr Pool, and I decided to go for it.

So here I have the very beginning of what will probably turn out to be a scarf but what I’m hoping will be a cozy throw for my……  NEW HOUSE YAY!


My cat enthusiastically approves.


So here we go.  If I don’t blog ever again it’s because my fingers fell off whilst making a ripply blanket.

I ain’t a punk b*tch, I don’t give a f*ck…

January 7, 2009

Wait…  What?

Sometimes the hip hop just gets in my soul, you know?

Welcome.  Welcome to my…ugh… Blog.  I hate that.  I resisted the whole blog thing for so long, telling myself that blogs are just a place for angry teenagers to whine on the internets that their parents totally suck and post pictures of the new way they flat-ironed their greasy hair today.


Here I am.

I am going to come out and say it right now for the whole world (you know, the whole 3 people that I know who will read this blog) that I am officially addicted to reading crafty, foody, green, artsy, handmade, yarny, homemaker-y, pretty pretty blogs with lots of pictures of cupcakes and felt and ipod cozies and crocheted beanies and homemade soap and oh God it feels so GOOD to get that off my chest.

I love them.  And you should love them too, go visit them.  They’re listed over there.

So why start my own? Eh, mostly because I have a lot of craftiness that no one around me can fully appreciate.  Not that they don’t appreciate me, or that I think I’m something so incredible that the average man cannot begin to wrap his brain around my awesomeness and thus cannot appreciate my art.   What I mean is that aside from a small smattering of friends (that live hundreds of miles away),  no one in my general vicinity can fully understand what it means to get your ribbon basket untangled and arranged in rainbow order, or how good it feels to gently peel a brand new set of clear acrylic stamps off their plastic backing, or how a hat that took $20 worth of yarn and 6 hours of hand cramping repetition just feels better than the one you bought at Target for $4.50.

So here goes.  I am creating this blog to have a place to toss up pictures of my current projects so that you all may comment on them, tell me that they are pretty and tell me what I could do to make them better.

And I totally promise that if you have a similar blog, I will visit and do the same for you.

But mostly, I promise that I ain’t a punk bitch.