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And so it begins…

October 7, 2009

Okay, technically it began last Christmas when I made my maniacally obsessed parents figurines of their beloved dogs.  These dogs have replaced my brother and I as the most important things in their lives.  And they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

“Stephanie, that’s Darcy’s chair.  If you don’t want her clawing at your face, you should find somewhere else to sit.”

“Stephanie, I can’t talk right now.  I’m busy cooking the dogs’ dinner.”

“Stephanie, I don’t care how much you say you need two, Buddy needs a kidney and you are giving him yours.”

Okay, the last one is both scientifically implausible and entirely fictional, but you get the idea.

So they loved the tiny little Christmas figurines of their corgis and I thought to myself “Hey, if my insane parents love their custom figures, I bet there are other equally ridiculous people who love their dogs more than life itself and would enjoy having a small replica in festive holiday attire.”

Thus an idea was born.  Clear my Etsy shop of absurdly labor intensive felt animal cards and offer custom pet figurines.

But I needed some examples.  Pictures.  No one is going to buy an hand-crafted replica of Rex or Fluffy or Princess without some concrete evidence that I can do their pup justice.

So I present my current project:  Woody


He starts as a fairly expressionless, vaguely dog-shaped entity…


Then slowly becomes a better representation of a dog (and starts looking much less like a mutant harbor seal)…


Then he gets dressed in his holiday outfit.  Call him “CAPTAIN WOODY” from here on out.  He’s a super hero for Halloween…



Then he has to rest for a little while because my hands are as hot as the sun, apparently.

When he cools down a little so that the slightest touch doesn’t cover him with fingerprints, he will get shaped into a much more accurate Woody.  Plus, all of the textures like fabric and fur will be added.

So stay tuned to see what happens with this pink little canine super hero.


We’re becoming adults, aren’t we?

June 13, 2009

My friend Alex just did a very adult thing and bought a house.

And I did a somewhat less adult thing and moved out of my parents house (Not for the first time, for the record.  I have only been living with them post-graduation like a TRUE music major…).

So I have been going crazy in the garden and planting everything I see.  Which left me with some extra Gladiolus bulbs and terra cotta pot or two.  I figured I would share the love with my adult friend Alex (“adult friend” sounds somewhat dirty doesn’t it?  Like, “Come meet a new Adult Friend, only $4.99 a minute”)

I stamped the terra cotta pot with black Staz-On…


… and used a grocery ad from one of the Mexican supermercados in my neighborhood to wrap it all up.  And I totally made a cute card but completely forgot to take a picture of it.


Let’s hope she actually gets them into the ground in time…

Eat. Sleep. Ripple.

March 19, 2009


Yeah, it’s icanhascheezburger in the background.  I’m one of those.

But look!  Look how big it is!


My cat is also enjoying the process and I am enjoying crocheting with saliva soaked yarn.


So… helpful…

I ain’t a punk b*tch, I don’t give a f*ck…

January 7, 2009

Wait…  What?

Sometimes the hip hop just gets in my soul, you know?

Welcome.  Welcome to my…ugh… Blog.  I hate that.  I resisted the whole blog thing for so long, telling myself that blogs are just a place for angry teenagers to whine on the internets that their parents totally suck and post pictures of the new way they flat-ironed their greasy hair today.


Here I am.

I am going to come out and say it right now for the whole world (you know, the whole 3 people that I know who will read this blog) that I am officially addicted to reading crafty, foody, green, artsy, handmade, yarny, homemaker-y, pretty pretty blogs with lots of pictures of cupcakes and felt and ipod cozies and crocheted beanies and homemade soap and oh God it feels so GOOD to get that off my chest.

I love them.  And you should love them too, go visit them.  They’re listed over there.

So why start my own? Eh, mostly because I have a lot of craftiness that no one around me can fully appreciate.  Not that they don’t appreciate me, or that I think I’m something so incredible that the average man cannot begin to wrap his brain around my awesomeness and thus cannot appreciate my art.   What I mean is that aside from a small smattering of friends (that live hundreds of miles away),  no one in my general vicinity can fully understand what it means to get your ribbon basket untangled and arranged in rainbow order, or how good it feels to gently peel a brand new set of clear acrylic stamps off their plastic backing, or how a hat that took $20 worth of yarn and 6 hours of hand cramping repetition just feels better than the one you bought at Target for $4.50.

So here goes.  I am creating this blog to have a place to toss up pictures of my current projects so that you all may comment on them, tell me that they are pretty and tell me what I could do to make them better.

And I totally promise that if you have a similar blog, I will visit and do the same for you.

But mostly, I promise that I ain’t a punk bitch.