I forgot…

…how funny/lame “Perfect Strangers” is.

I used to pretend that I was going to be a last ditch effort to save the show in the latter years and be introduced as Larry Appleton’s long lost tomboy niece from the wrong part of town.

And Balki would teach me about Mypos and I would lose Dmitri the Sheep somehow but don’t worry it would all work out in the end after a series of zany misunderstandings.

And then I would do The Dance of Joy.


5 Responses to “I forgot…”

  1. Ailis Says:

    I used to think Balki was cute… And I was how old when that show was on tv?? Maybe he was my first crush…

    • poppicakes Says:

      I’m trying to remember who my first crush was between him and Stamos.

      I’m thinking Balki was first.

      But Stamos was forever.

  2. Ailis Says:

    Totally! My mom got to interview “Uncle Jessie” when I was in like 1st grade and I wanted to meet him sooo bad! Didn’t get to, but got a t-shirt with his face on it… Soooo it was almost the same thing.

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